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1Plumeria need to be fertilized because most soil does not provide the essential nutrients required for optimum growth. Even if you are lucky enough to start with great garden soil, as your plants grow, they absorb nutrients and leave the soil less fertile. This category provide articles from Plumeria experts from different regions of the world.

Plumeria Care 101

2The way you care for your plumeria depends on the season of the year. Bring your plants out of storage in the spring, watch them grow and bloom in the summer, prepare for dormancy and storage in the fall, and store them for the winter. Plants may be left outside if there is no damage of frost of freeze. If your nighttime temps are below 40°F you should protect you plumeria from frost.

Rooting Plumeria

3The fertility status of the parent plant can influence rooting. Avoid taking cuttings from plants that show symptoms of mineral nutrient deficiency. Conversely, plants that have been fertilized heavily, particularly with nitrogen, may not root well. The stock plant should not be under moisture stress. Cuttings from lateral shoots often root better than cuttings from terminal shoots.

Seeds and Seedlings

4Germinating plumeria from seed is fun and very rewarding. Seedlings that grow from seed have a stronger root system. And the most important thing—they will have an unique color no matter which parent tree they are from! There are many different ways to germinate the plumeria seed. Here is what I found to be very successful. 


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